Unlock the on chain potential through our decentralized auditing process

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Fast, Simple, Secure and Fair

Binary is the ultimate platform to grant security, transparency and efficiency in the blockchain world. We protect investors and DApps creators through Decentralized Audits and constant monitoring of projects.

Take advantage of our high TPS rate, low fees to experience the best security blockchain has to offer.

Join the Binary Revolution.

We at Binary Foundation embrace security as the top priority, our community of blockchain experts is global.

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Native Features

Discover Binary main features and why we are the most secure blockchain out there


They contribute directly to the emission of new blocks, granting security and transparency.

SC Names

The name list grants developers exclusivity for the projects avoiding copies registered by potential scammers


Funds will be used by the DAO to auto-finance further blockchain developments, through the Governance mechanism.


The process of verification and approval of the code is called audit, on Binary it takes place completely on-chain.

Stake & Earn

Grow your capital staking bnry coin. Interests will accrue until total supply is reached


The SFC (Scam Free Contract) license gets issued to protocols that have passed the Audit Community approval.


Decentralized Audit: Main Characters


Audit experts who actively interact with the Contract Validation Protocol, to outline the integrity and correctness of the code.


Aspiring experts who write the correct code review through comments, all in order to get noticed by the Hunters community.


They are experts in on-chain analysis, tasked with periodically reviewing the DApps developed on the Binary chain.

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